The Immune System Under a Microscope

   We live in a world of advanced technological science. The advances in medicine, technology, and the overall progress of man is outright astonishing. Our ability to experience and perceive the world and the universe is amazing. When it comes to the health of our bodies we are constantly on the edge of new frontiers and discovery as it particularly relates to mind body medicine and the affects of our emotional states upon the health of our body.

   There is still much room for growth and knowledge as we learn and come to explore the bodies amazing capacity to heal. Wherever we are in this process, we are still ever learning. Trust that the intelligence in the cells and tissues contain an amazing communication and orchestration process that is in sync with all the intricate workings of your life and the health of your body.

   We invite you on this journey with us to explore the possibilities of thoughts, feelings, words, life choices and the impact of our emotions on our health. Individually and collectively in each of our particular circumstances, we can energetically influence and re-create improvement in our health and wellness of life's condition. In this journey, self awareness is key to understanding the steps in self improvement. Imagine for a moment what healing and wholeness in your life, individually looks like to you, believing in the possibility of your desires coming to pass is the first step. Remember what is essential is invisible to the eye. Creation must start within to influence the changes we wish to see.

   What do you want to create in your world? What life changes do you desire? If you were to put your life, thoughts, feelings, actions under a microscope could you determine what is working for you and what is not? What beliefs serve you? What have you heard life say to or about you? We have all experienced the challenges and heartaches that come with various experiences in life. There is an amazing resilience in the body to overcome. This resilience is built right into the fabric of our cells and tissues... this is inate intelligence at its finest. The body can teach us how to utilize, rebuild and let go of what is or is not working. However it requires fine tuning our hearts and thoughts to the desired outcome.

   Please ponder the vast intelligence of these cells in the immune system, working to restore balance in the body.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." 

       -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry