One must
learn to look
at the world 
twice if he wishes to see all there
is to see...
"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve."
Napolean Hill

  "A merry heart doeth good   like a medicine: but a broken   spirit drieth the bones."

Proverbs 17:22

The images we hold in our mind are powerful as are the words we speak to ourselves. Our words, thoughts and feelings have the power to influence the health of our cells and tissues within our body.  When we understand how the body functions in relation to the various systems, organs and cellular structure we can aid the systems of the body to function in a healthier manner.  We do this energetically as everything is energy -  Energy is part of the creation process and follows our thoughts and intents. Thoughts, words, emotions are energy. Whatever you focus on grows.  When we focus and visualize health we help to create healthier bodies. 

 I Imagine Health is designed to assist you in creating an inner vision of a healthier you.

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